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"Saltwater Crocodile." Archived at the Wayback Machine National Geographic.
Baum, Julia.; Worm, Boris (2009).Werdelin, Lars; McDonald,.Levy, Sharon (November 2002).56, 90 and throughout.Non-native predatory fish, for instance, have sometimes devastated formerly dominant predators.A b c Lister, Paul.Sukhdeo, Michael VK (2012).Kriwet,.; Witzmann,.; Klug,.; Heidtke,.M.; Chassot,.; Nieblas,.-E.23 Dramatic changes in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem were recorded after the gray wolf, both an apex predator and a keystone species (one with a large effect on its ecosystem was reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in 1995 as a conservation measure.Anomalocaris was an aquatic apex predator, in the Cambrian.26 The grizzly bear gives birth during hibernation, so the increased food supply is expected to produce an increase in the numbers of eroticy voksen dating cubs observed.E.; Soulé, Michael.; Virtanen, Risto; Wardle, David.

"Dinosaurian and Mammalian Predators Compared".
Ecotourism sometimes relies on apex predators to attract business.