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'I saw an ad for table top dancing back when I was about 19 Ms Montenegro said.
It was a life story that enraptured the nation - a devout Christian turned sex worker who slept with 10,000 men before she left the escort industry for good.
But there was no one to help Ms Montenegro when her life was skidding out of control and she wanted to get out of industry.
'It actually gave me the confidence I never had she said.'It was like a family.She became a fully-licensed commercial pilot at the age of 29 and found a new job doing scenic tours.She lives in Melbourne and was raised by devout Christian parents.She has slept with 10,091 men, binged on cocaine and blew tens of thousands of dollars on a new car and clothes.Montenegro erzählt darin ungeschönt über ihre Erlebnisse im Rotlicht-Milieu.Und das Geschäft war offenbar einträglich.«10'000 Men and Counting» heisst.To ease her guilt and numb her to the idea of being an escort, Gwyneth blew the thousands of dollars she earned on cars and clothes 'It was a lifestyle of cocaine, speed and French champagne she recalled.I wouldnt lose much sleep over.'I'm fairly introverted and conservative Gwyneth told Daily Mail Australia at the time.As she moved up the escort world, her clients were becoming richer and richer.Later in her career, as she 'worked up the ladder she expanded her services to all over Australia and other parts of the world where escorting was legal.Although Gwyneth had no 'horror stories' to tell about her time as an escort, she found it hard to leave the industry.But the now-business entrepreneur didn't start her life out as a wild child.One of the few perks of her job was being flown around the world and let her escape the reality she was living.Although she felt she had already 'crossed a line' by becoming a stripper, Gwyneth still describes the first time she was paid for sex as being 'totally surreal'.Gwyneth Montenegro, gwyneth Montenegro, 39, spent 12 years in the business and has now released a book that lays bare what men will pay for.I was earning thousands upon thousands a week she said.However, I think there is a part to play where men do feel emasculated Gwyneth told.This led her down the path of becoming a sex worker, and she says she was an elite escort.
And the, melbourne resident, who teaches women how to understand the opposite sex, is revealing what men really want - and the answer may surprise you.
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