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Lloyd Zurbrigg-Bill Maryott Rebloomers April B Immortality Photograph April B Earl of Essex Photograph April Tall Bearded Reblooming Symposium Symposium April The Saga of Remontant SDB John Weiler Rebloomers April Remontant Medians Introduced Before 1980 Rebloomers April B "Thrice Blessed, Willow Mist" Photograph April Reblooming.
McNeal Robert Mallory Garden Report varietal comment July The Saxton Garden Virginia Mathews Garden Report varietal comment July B Carolina Native Photograph July B "I.
Bledsoe, Tom Jacoby and Chester Allen" "Blackwell,." Photograph July Epilogue "Nelson,.Waltermire Obituary January In memoriam:.Peckham Miniature Tall Bearded April Symposium Votes as an Index of Popularity "E.Wesley Tiffney Siberian Iris Mrs.Knowlton Garden Reports Varietal Comments October The Indians Grew Irises Jesse Wills Book Review The Travels of William Bartram October Symposium Sidelights "W.Reinhardt Convention July Flight Lines Robins July From the Editor's Desk Editor's Letter July Genetics for Iris Breeders "Kidd, Kenneth K" Hybridizing Into to the Basics July Minutes RVP-Board Meeting Minutes July Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting Minutes July IBebby Rairdon Photograph July.Azer Photograph "Founder and President (25yrs) Mio Iris Sho at Mio, Mich." January B "Mrs.Norris Disease/Pests "Excerpted and adapted from "A Guide to Bearded Irises" April C Abby's Fire Red Bud Lane Iris Gardens Photograph April C Naomi Divincenzo Photograph April An Iris Dream Naomi Divincenzo Garden Reports April C Before and After - front yard garden Naomi Divincenzo.Benson Minutes January Report of the Treasurer '69 Jay.Lothrop Letters to the Editor April Foreword.Walters Garden Review Varietal Comments July The Sanders Garden Arnold Schliefert Garden Review Varietal Comments July From the President's Desk "Carney, Robert S" President's Letter Test Gardens July More About the Reticulata Group "Warburton, Bee" Species Varietal Comments July Spurias Unlimited "Cosgrove, Clarke" Spuria Iris.Frank Chowning Garden Photograph "Visitors.Randolph wins 1964 Gold Medal of 'Planten un Blomen' October Life Memberships.Rich Photograph April IFot Line Schreiners Photograph April From the Desk of the President Hal Stahly President's Letter April C "Borer Survey Report, Part II" Betty Wood Disease/Pests April The paired Species of Iris IV Roy Davidson Species Iris April.
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