bordel french word

You might hear it from guys playing a game of pétanque : Hé, couillon, cest à toi!
(This fucking computer!) In the fast and furious escort mk1 for sale south of France, putain is almost a filler word: Eh, tu viens, putain?
(Here, the speaker isnt referring to kvinde søger par the listener; instead, its just a sentence tag.) fils de pute Fils de pute is incredibly vulgar, if a bit dated, and sits at the other end of the spectrum (probably scowling, spitting, and grabbing its crotch).In French conversation, génial can mean 'great 'awesome' or 'fanstastic' or anything positive in exactly the same way as 'brilliant' has amabella escort come to be used in English.In the table below, here are some words and sentences and their equivalents in English, but theyre not literal translations.Si tu veux, je peux te prêter ma voiture.Emmerder Emmerder is a verb that comes from merde, but it doesnt mean literally to shit.Bordel Slang where the fuck conj.Galère ; bordel ; merdier Slang;Vulg.And Shut your fuckin mouth!French curse words are an essential part of the French language.Ive made a concession for the really bad word no one must mention (in English!).It was a parking lotnobody was moving and Thomas was doing his level best to keep the road rage under wraps.Later, in a calmer moment, he might use an expression with the same word, such as Je men fous, which is both tamer and more common.But in it's also come to mean a lot more than that.If you learned something about French swear words from this post, then share it!It might be a French guy sitting in the row behind you on the métro.Foutre Foutre is interesting.In fact, if you go to southern France, youll hear French swear words like theyre going out of style.Has your friend just told a dad joke?Again, we cant translate it word for word, because Shut your mouth-of-an-animal!