Here are some examples to give you an idea about how to arm them for the current meta.
Improve ground healing and damage.
Traits are now selected for you in-game but you still have a option to mix things.Space Traits: : Improved starship operations training.Space Traits: : Makes your ship less likely to be hit.Space Traits: : Increased space repair rate (required).Ship Power Space Traits: : Increases the efficiency of various weapons and devices including ship power levels.Klingon Empire Trait Builds, damage, optimal race selection: Ground Traits: : Improved melee damage (required).(required Retrieved from " ").Increased perception (required).Tanking, optimal race selection: Ground Traits: : Increased ground damage resistance and threat (required).Improve healing and damage of your kit.Both the Federation and KDF variant have the same stats and layout.Before you enter the site.Space Traits: : Improved accuracy of space weapons.I was looking through all of them and am honestly confused.Only the visuals are different.Below is a list of what various editors of this article have found to be the best trait builds for players of various roles.
Increased repair rate.

Or is it a pay cash to be better kinda deal?