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Main sex dating relationer bog research object is Ancient Civil Community in the conditions of wars and crises, caused both external and inernal factors.
Live in Athens Thissio Apartments, live in Athens Thissio Apartments ) Vassilis 19 2nd and 4th floor, Athens, 11851, Greece.
Some students took part in Scientific Conference New Age in Saratov University.The Dialectic of the Other: Political Philosophy and Practice in the Late Neoplatonist Communities, in: Deformations and Crises of Ancient Civil Communities.Deformations and Crises of Ancient Civil Communities.The project has been carried out as part of the HSE Program of Fundamental Studies.Gouschin worked student research society.Gushchin., Rhodes.Aristocracy in Democratic Athens: Deformation and/or Adaptation, in: Deformations and Crises of Ancient Civil Communities.Results of research: In the year under report the laboratory acted in two main directions, conducting research (participation in scholar conferences, the preparation of the scientific articles) and educational work (supervision over the student scientific society, organization of the student conference and round tables etc.).Under the supervision.XIX Sergeevskie Chtenia, seksuel sundhed klinik upton hospital Moscow, February 2014, XVI Zhebelevskie Chtenia, St-Petersburg, October-November 2014 some scholarly articles were recommended for the international expert examination.All their datingsites 40 og derover reports were recommended to publication..
Empirical base of research: Within stated topics were made selection and analysis of ancient narrative, epigraphical and archaeological as well as numismatic sources.
Methodology: Methodological basis is the understanding of the ancient civil community existed in two forms the Greek polis and Roman civitas as a form of self-organization of human collectives connected with concrete city.